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High Precision Tumbler Vibrating Screen

Tumbler Screen Machine is an improvement on vibration and linear screening. Tumbler screen machine uses elliptical action which aids in screening of even very fine material. As like panning for gold, the fine particles tend to stay towards the center and the larger go to the outside. It allows for segregation and unloads the screen surface so that it can effectively do its job. With the addition of multiple decks, ball cleaning decks and ultrasonic vibration systems even difficult products can be sieved at high capacity to very fine separations.

Product Details

The working principle of tumbler screen machine is instantaneous motion composition of radial displacement and circular motion taking radial displacement as axis (spiral motion). There vibration exciter whose eccentric can be adjusted generates nonlinear three-dimensional movement. While the material also generates the motion which is similar to manual operation to achieve the screening purpose. The motion matching up other screen parts can reach much better screening effect. The material is suitable for Spherical, cylindrical, sheet and irregular shape even if it is easy to block the screen mesh.

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Product Features

1. High Output and Accuracy—— the sieve radius of 600mm~2600mm and rotating speed of 120~360RPM.
2. Artificial Oscillation——Using artificial sieving motion.
3. We use excellent silicon rubber balls, ultrasonic wave or rotating brush for cleaning sieving mesh. No net blocking.
4. Acceleration is five times less than the normal vibrating screen. Spare parts will have longer life. Thus reduce the maintain cost.
5. Specially used for sieving high value-added products. Thus improve the profit.
6. We are focus on every details. Such as ABB motor, NSK bearing, Swiss unltrasonic system and so on.
7. Longer warranty (12months + 12 months), Lifelong maintenance service and spare parts.

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Product Parameters

Detailed images

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Powder Metallurgy

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After-Sales Service

1. What are the main products of us?
—All kinds of sieve machine and filter equipment. Such as rotary vibrating screen, tumbler screen, gyratory screen, filter press and leaf filter etc..
2. What is the product warranty?
—Two years warranty, we provide permanent technical support.
3. Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?
—Sure! We will arrange suitable package, choose reliable freight forwarder and apply insurance for every goods. These measures can max. Guarantee safe and secure delivery of products.
4. What is your main market?
—South-east Asia, Middle-East, Europe, North America…

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